Shipping & Return Policy


1.1 For each order placed on the site, the seller issues a tax receipt of the goods despatched. When issuing of the invoice, the information provided by the customer at the time of the order shall prevail. Once the invoice has been issued, it will not be possible to make any changes to it.

1.2 The shipping and delivery costs are charged to the customer and are clearly indicated in when finalising the order and are distinct from the price of the product purchased.

1.3 No responsibility can be attributed to Féline in case of delay for unforeseen and/or unpredictable events.

1.4 Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check:

1.4.1 that the packaging is intact, and that no part of it has been damaged or altered in any way, including materials used to sealing it (adhesive tape or strapping).

1.4.2 any damage to the packaging and/or to the product or the discrepancy in the number of packages ordered must be immediately notified, by placing a specific WRITTEN RESERVATION OF RIGHTS (SPECIFYING THE REASON FOR THE RESERVE, e.g. “pierced packaging”, “crushed packaging”, etc.) on the courier’s proof of delivery form. Once the courier’s document has been signed, the customer will no longer be able to make a dispute regarding the external characteristics of what was delivered. Any problems concerning the physical integrity of the product, the correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported to Féline within 7 days of delivery by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to “Féline, Via Felice Poggi n. 40, 00149 Rome “or by email at the address” “”.

1.4.3 In cases of repeated failure  – by the courier –  to deliver the goods to the address indicated by the customer when sending the purchase order, with consequent return to the sender, any costs incurred will be charged to the customer.

1.4.4 Similarly, the customer is required to indemnify Féline from any costs incurred due to the inability in making a delivery as a result of an incorrect/incomplete/non-existent delivery address on the part of the customer when filling out the purchase order.

1.4.5 In the cases referred to in the above points, the customer will lose the right to delivery of the ordered goods and at the same time Féline will be entitled to withhold the amounts received.


2.1 Pursuant to the articles 52 and subsequent legislative decree n. 206/2005, the customer qualified as a consumer (i.e. an individual who buys goods for purposes unrelated to any commercial or professional activity performed, or does not indicate a VAT number in the order form, at the moment of purchase) has the right to withdraw from the sales contract for any reason, without the need to provide an explanation and without penalty. This right is precluded if the customer is a company or an individual who is purchasing for commercial reasons.

2.2 The exercising the right of withdrawal is subject to the customer sending a written communication within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, in which the customer declares that they wish to exercise the right of withdrawal. This communication must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to “Féline, Via Felice Poggi n. 40, 00149 Rome “or by email at the address “

2.3 Concurrently to the request for “withdrawal”, the customer will, at his own expense, return the product no later than 7 days from the withdrawal request, packing it carefully in its original container (including any internal protection) avoiding any damage caused by adhesive labels or other, complete with all the accessories supplied and its original contents.

2.4 Féline will not proceed with the right of withdrawal and the consequent reimbursement in the following cases:

2.4.1 lack of original packaging (it is therefore recommended to keep the original packaging of the product at least until the end of the withdrawal period);

2.4.2 absence of any integral elements of the product (accessories, instruction manuals, etc.).

2.4.3 the product has not been maintained sufficiently well resulting in jeopardizing its functionality or the possibility of re-use. By way of example only, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised with regard to products that show obvious signs of usage (presence of cat fur, traces of cat excrement, scratches etc.).

2.4.4 Return of a damaged product. To limit damage at the time of return, it is recommended to insert the product in a second box, on which to stick the label with the recipient’s address. Sticking labels or adhesive tapes directly on the product must be avoided.

2.4.5 Personalised products.

2.5 The right of withdrawal can only be exercised with regard to the product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal on only part of a purchased product.

2.6 The delivery costs for returning the goods are charged wholly to the customer. It is advisable to insure the shipment against theft, loss or transport damage. If the product is not insured at the customer’s expense, in the event of damage or loss during transport, Féline reserves the right to charge the costs for any damage to the product.

2.7 Upon receipt of the goods which are subject to the right of withdrawal, Féline will verify its conditions and will reimburse the customer for the amount of the purchased good within and no later than 5 working days thereafter. The refund will be made by bank transfer, to the current account indicated by the customer in the withdrawal letter, or through PayPal depending on the payment method used at the time of the purchase order.

2.8 In the event of damage to the goods during transport, Féline will immediately notify the customer of the incident, to allow the customer to promptly file a complaint against the courier chosen by him and obtain reimbursement of the value of the product (if insured by the customer).

2.9 In the event of impossibility to proceed with the withdrawal for the reasons mentioned above, Féline will communicate these details to the customer by e-mail. The product will remain available to the customer for collection – at their own expense and – for the 30 days following the communication by Féline.