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A delightful evolution of MIA, this cat scratcher home was created to satisfy all the needs of cats. It is the ideal place to hide, play and to sharpen their claws. The exclusively designed model measures approximately 39x39x52h, which makes it also suitable for overweight cats or particularly large breeds like the Maine Coon. The entire surface of the product, with the exception of the front and back, is scratchable so that cats are free to use as they wish. The small back window is designed not only to let in the right amount of light, but also for the playful interaction with the owner.

The cradle-like interior makes the kennel particularly spacious and welcoming. The rounded shape of the roof enables cats to climb up to the highest point.

The graphic pattern of the product is designed for the more demanding owners who are attentive to interior design.

Product information

Mia Pois Noirs & Rose is a cat scratcher bed ideal for resting and for the playful activity of cats. The dimensions of 39×39.2xh52 have been specifically designed to enable large or overweight cats to use it. The inside of the bed has been tested to carry a weight of 10 kg.

Mia Pois Noirs & Rose is assembled by hand and any small imperfection is an assurance of the uniqueness of the product.

Dimensions may vary slightly due to the craftsmanship of the product.

Package size and weight

Number of packages: 1

Dimensions: 425x425x585h

Weight: approx. 4 kg.

Composition and care

Recycled cardboard, printed recycled cardboard, food grade glue, food grade PVC.

Mia Pois Noirs & Rose is made entirely of corrugated recycled cardboard, with the inclusion of non-edible ink on the sides and a protective food-grade PVC film that covers the print, protecting cats from direct contact with the ink.

Mia Pois Noirs & Rose is mainly composed of cardboard, which makes the product suitable only for indoors.

Mia Pois Noirs & Rose must be kept away from direct sunlight, humidity and water.

Mia Pois Noirs & Rose should not be washed with a damp cloth, with a vacuum cleaner or with sticky rollers. Liquid or spray pheromones cannot be used on Mia Pois Noirs & Rose.

The surface upon which Mia Pois Noirs & Rose is placed must be clean and dry, and far from atmospheric agents, heaters and radiators.

Any contact with water or moisture is an incorrect use of the product.

Heat and sunlight can result in the separation of the corrugated cardboard layers of which Mia Pois Noirs & Rose is made, and will hinder with the durability and effectiveness of the product.

Water, humidity, heat, direct light and exposure to atmospheric factors are to be considered as elements unsuitable for the upkeep of the product.

Do not place Mia Pois Noirs & Rose near sources of heat, radiators or in damp rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, attics or cellars.

Do not place Mia Pois Noirs & Rose near food and water bowls.

Do not place Mia Pois Noirs & Rose in outdoor spaces such as balconies, terraces and gardens.

Mia Pois Noirs & Rose is not an edible product.