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The design of this open cat scratcher bed is perfect for both small and large cats. Totally eco-friendly, it is crafted from top-quality recycled pieces, and is loved by cats of all sizes for its versatility. The openings on each end facilitate extensive recreational activity as well as interaction with the owner. It becomes modular if placed side-by-side to another piece of the same model. It is extremely useful for creating passageways and helping cats with behavioural problems in keeping their levels of concentration high.

Product information

Écho is a cat scratcher bed ideal for resting and for the playful activity of cats. Measuring 31.8x35xh37.6 cm allows it to be also used by larger cats. They can easily enter through the open part which measures 26.8 cm. Écho is modular, so it can be joined to another Écho to create passageways, fun activities or to enjoy a more spacious and comfortable bed. Despite the small space it occupies, Écho is fully functional and versatile and is a superb bed for more claustrophobic cats. The inclination of the roof has been designed to allow for external scratching that takes into account the typical claw-sharpening position of cats.

Écho is assembled by hand and small imperfections are an assurance of the uniqueness of the product.

Dimensions may vary slightly due to the craftsmanship of the product.

Package size and weight

Number of packages: 1

Dimensions: 340x320x385h

Weight: approx. 2 kg

Composition and care

Recycled cardboard, food grade glue.

Écho is made entirely of corrugated recycled cardboard.

The cardboard makes the product suitable for indoor use.

Écho must be kept away from direct sunlight, humidity and water.

Écho should not be washed with a damp cloth, with a vacuum cleaner or with sticky rollers. Liquid or spray pheromones cannot be used on Écho.

The surface upon which Écho is placed must be clean and dry, and far from atmospheric agents, heaters and radiators.

Any contact with water or moisture is an incorrect use of the product.

Heat and sunlight can result in the separation of the corrugated cardboard layers of which Écho is made, and will hinder with the durability and effectiveness of the product.

Water, humidity, heat, direct light and exposure to atmospheric factors are to be considered as elements unsuitable for the upkeep of the product.

Do not place Écho near sources of heat, radiators or in damp rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, attics or cellars.

Do not place Écho near food and water bowls.

Do not place Écho in outdoor spaces such as balconies, terraces and gardens.

Écho is not an edible product.